SIMID | Simulation Models of Infectious Disease

SIMID Workshop 2011

Monday JANUARY 31, 2011

Epidemic Modeling

  • Philip O’Neill: Relating infectious disease transmission models to data
  • Jacco Wallinga: Optimizing infectious disease interventions during an emerging epidemic
  • Niel Hens: Estimating the reproduction number from final size data for Hepatitis A in Belgium

Estimating Vaccination Coverage

  • Heidi Theeten & Nele Goeyvaerts: Traditional and serology-based methods
  • James Wood: Estimating MMR vaccine coverage from Australian sero-surveillance data
  • Michiel van Boven: Estimation of mumps transmissibility and critical vaccination coverage using data from partially observed outbreaks

Current topics in vaccine preventable infectious diseases

  • Marc Van Ranst: Impact of vaccination on rotavirus in Belgium
  • John Edmunds: Modeling rotavirus transmission dynamics
  • Marc Arbyn: HPV in the post-vaccination era
  • Nicolas Vandevelde: Individual-based model for HPV transmission

Spatial Infectious Disease Models

  • Thomas House: Space: the final frontier
  • Matt Keeling: Controlling Infections in Spatial Environments
  • Christel Faes: Modeling the spatio-temporal transmission of Bluetongue in Europe
  • Jonas Reijniers: An experimental stochastic model for Hantavirus in bank voles

Tuesday FEBRUARY 01, 2011

Vector borne Diseases: dengue

  • Mathieu Andraud: Dynamic Models for dengue transmission: an overview
  • Ziv Shkedy: Modeling dengue transmission in Cuba
  • Laurent Coudeville: Potential impact of vaccination on the transmission dynamics of dengue: a four serotype model

Topics in Infectious Disease Modeling

  • Olivier Lejeune: Plasma cell kinetics predicted by hepatitis A antibody decay after vaccination
  • Amparo Castro Sanchez: Using survival models to estimate the association between HIV and HCV in injecting drug users
  • Peter Vickerman: Is the HCV co-infection prevalence amongst HIV infected IDUs a proxy marker for the level of sexual and injection related transmission of HIV?
  • Natasha Martin: Modeling hepatitis C antiviral treatment for prevention amongst injecting drug users: impact and heterogeneity

Topics in Health Economic Research – Part I

  • Jeroen Luyten: Equity, efficiency and autonomy: ethics of vaccination
  • Marc Brisson: Examining the potential impact of HPV vaccination on health disparities using mathematical models
  • Joke Bilcke: Dealing with uncertainty in economic evaluations, illustrated with models of vaccination programs

Topics in Health Economic Research – Part II

  • Mark Jit: Cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination of pregnant women in The UK
  • Philippe Beutels: Estimating QALYs from single time point valuations for hepatitis A