SIMID | Simulation Models of Infectious Disease

We must be up to something good: prizes & awards shower!

Recently Prof Niel Hens was awarded a €1.6m Consolidator grant from the European Research Council for a new project on mathematical modelling called TransMID
The grant will reinforce the SIMID project and the bridge between our research groups in Antwerp and Hasselt.

Dr Benson Ogunjimi received the University of Antwerp’s Research Award in Biomedical sciences for his PhD research.
Benson is in clinical pediatric training while continuing his postdoctoral research on modelling of within-host immunological response mechanisms.

Dr Jeroen Luyten’s PhD thesis was awarded the Flemish Research Foundation’s McKinsey prize . Jeroen is currently at the London School of Economics, and will return to Belgium to join the KULeuven’s faculty. We wish him all the best!

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