In the news

SIMID members have been in the news on Covid19-19 many times since the pandemic started. We will provide an overview here when our modelling work is less urgent.


Philippe Beutels on the “rule of rescue” 

Niel Hens on the funding strategy in Flanders and the need for multidisciplinary research

How can mathematics help to eliminate measles?

What is the value of an quality adjusted life year?

The comeback of a defeated disease

The use of pneumococcal vaccines in the elderly: an economic evaluation

The (ebola) epidemic stopped too soon

  • Knack – De epidemie is te vroeg gedaan – March 18, 2015

Measles will cause more deaths than ebola

Measles outbreak in kindergarden.

Reduce flu incidence with 75% through sick leave of symptomatic cases.

Increased risk of measles resurgence in young Belgian adults, especially in student populations

Luyten et al. (2013): Kicking against the pricks: vaccine skeptics have a different social orientation

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine – Impfskepsis – July 15, 2013

Beutels et al. (2013): Seasonal influenza vaccination: prioritizing children or other target groups? Part II: cost-effectiveness analysis

Luyten et al. (2011) “Vaccination Policy and Ethical Challenges Posed by Herd Immunity” 

Willem et al. (2012): A Nice Day for an Infection? Weather Conditions and Social Contact Patterns Relevant for Influenza Transmission

Scientists of Vaxinfectio explain how super computer facilities help to analyze the transmission of infectious diseases.