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31 May 2024 | Econ@UAntwerp

31 May 2024  |  Econ@UAntwerp

Don’t miss out on the upcoming seminar by Lander Willem at “Econ@UAntwerp” scheduled for May 31st at the UAntwerp city campus.

There is an exciting line-up of speakers covering a broad range of topics:

  • Babette Jansen (FBE): Monopsony Power in the German Labor Market
  • Filippo Grisolia (IOB): Facing Climate Change Together? The Role of the Collective Dimension in Mediating Basic Income Effects on Climate Adaptation
  • Lander Willem (FGGW): Health Economic Evaluations for Infectious Diseases
  • Santiago Burone (FSW): Correcting for Starting Point Bias in Willingness to Pay Surveys
  • Maite de Sola Perea (FBE/FLW): The Impact of the 1848 Crisis on Non-Bank Lending in Antwerp
  • Nik Stoop (IOB): Accelerating the Adoption of Green Technologies in Low-Income Countries: Impact and Mechanisms for Electric Cooking in the D.R. Congo

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