SIMID | Simulation Models of Infectious Disease

SIMID Workshop 2013

Wednesday APRIL 17, 2013

Models of immunological response part I

  • Chris van Dorp: HIV-1 evolution under two levels of selection **
  • Carmen Molina-Paris: Mathematical Modeling of Immunological Problems at the Molecular, Cellular and Population Scales

Models of immunological response part II

  • Becca Asquith: Viral escape from CD8+ T cells: evidence for a lytic effector mechanism?
  • Benson Ogunjimi: A quantitative approach to immuno-cytometric data
  • Julia Drylewicz: In vivo lymphocyte turnover in health and disease


Social contact data and their use in modelling infectious diseases

  • Guillaume Béraud: Social contact patterns in France **
  • Giancarlo Camarda: Modelling social contact data: a smoothing constrained approach
  • Ken Eames: School’s out! The impact of school holidays on social mixing patterns **
  • Piero Manfredi: Epidemiology of herpes zoster under sudden varicella elimination

Seasonal influenza

  • James Wood: Models of seasonal influenza in Australia: key uncertainties and methodological limitations
  • Nele Goeyvaerts & Yannick Vandendijck: Calibrating or fitting models to data? Seasonal influenza in Belgium
  • Richard Pitman: Cost-effectiveness of paediatric seasonal influenza vaccination in England & Wales

Thursday APRIL 18, 2013

Models for the transmission of bacteria and its relation to resistance

  • Samuel Coenen: Measuring antibiotic use and its relation with resistance at population level
  • Surhbi Malotra: Evidence from randomised controlled trials at individual (patient) level
  • Laura Temime: Modelling the impact of work organization within hospitals on the spread of healthcare-associated bacteria

Meta-population models

  • Michele Tizzoni: Real-time numerical forecast of global epidemic spreading: case study of 2009 A/H1N1pdm **
  • Chiara Poletto: Host mobility drives pathogen competition in spatially structured population
  • Vittoria Colizza: Age-specific contacts and travel patterns in the spatial spread of 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic


Current topics in applied economic evaluation

  • Hannah Christensen: Cost-effectiveness of Meningococcal B vaccination options in The UK
  • Mark Jit: 2-dose vs. 3-dose strategies for human papillomavirus vaccination: a comparison of UK and Canadian models
  • Maarten Postma: Modelling the cost-effectiveness of pertussis in the Netherlands
  • Tony Newall: Economic evaluation of influenza vaccination programs

Ethics of vaccination policy

  • Angus Dawson: Solidarity arguments as a foundation for vaccination policy
  • James Wilson: The Moral Mathematics of Disease Eradication
  • Jeroen Luyten: Adverse herd immunity effects from vaccination programs: an ethical perspective