SIMID | Simulation Models of Infectious Disease

5-day IBM course @ SACEMA (14-18 May 2018)

We are pleased to announce the third version of the course “Individual-based Modeling in Epidemiology: a Practical Introduction”. Individual-based model, also frequently referred to as agent-based models, are a relatively new class of models suited to gain insight into the population dynamics of complex systems that emerge from the characteristics and interactions of individuals in the population.


– Create your own individual-based model
– Improve your skills to design and analyze individual-based models
– Explore practical applications in epidemiology 

Throughout the course there will be a strong focus on the practical implementation and analysis with R and NetLogo. The emphasis of the course will be on the process of designing and exploring individual-based models to address complex questions in epidemiology and not on the technical aspects of writing computer programs. Prior experience with R is a plus, experience with NetLogo is not required.
 The course will be in English and is based on three “class-room examples” (HIV, influenza, malaria and diabetes) to illustrate the theoretical concepts and methods. By the end of the week, participants will be able to develop their own (extensions of an) individual-based model, which they will present in small teams on the final day of the course.

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