Steven Abrams


steven-abrams-142x150I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Statistics, Hasselt University, since 2015 and a member of the SIMID group from the start of my PhD in 2011. I finished my PhD, entitled ‚ÄúStatistical models for estimating heterogeneity in acquisition of infectious diseases and outbreak risk in highly vaccinated populations‚ÄĚ in September 2015 at Hasselt University under the supervision of Prof. dr. Niel Hens and Prof. dr. Geert Molenberghs.

My main research activities are related to modelling infectious diseases, and the application of survival analysis techniques within this field. More specifically, my primary interest is in the quantification of unobserved heterogeneity in susceptibility, infectiousness and social contact behaviour, sources which are all relevant for the spread of infectious diseases and the control of emerging diseases. Currently, research topics include outbreak risk assessment in highly vaccinated populations, the investigation of the sero-epidemiology of measles, mumps and rubella based on serial seroprevalence data, estimating important epidemiological parameters with regard to malaria and the integration of survival concepts in infectious disease epidemiology such as the analysis of doubly interval-censored data in case both the time of susceptibility to infection and the infection time are unknown and interval-censored.